M |LAB| EPD SYS = | evolution product development system | now consist of 4 active stages



the sequence makes sense
MORETAN TECHNOLOGIES are incorporated to all layers which cooperate better when arranged in a special order. This is how we piece all features together making every layer work in the uniform intellectual medium.

2 L : second skin layer

second skin layer formed with mesh areas and groove structures provides skin ventilation and pulls sweat away from skin adapting to any sport activity you do.

4 L : outer shell layer

outer shell layer works on the periphery keeping you safe in all active sports with the safety shields cooperation, your feet shape is followed up by every fiber of this layer.

3 L : inner shell layer

inner shell layer is a light soft lining that works as a nice on the touch and pressure-absorbing layer without increasing weight or degrading breathability.

| L : sceleton layer

sceleton layer is a smart framework of an incredibly high elasticity, it follows every curve of your foot and allows an effective workout so that your muscles get stabilized but not constricted. On top of it you get recovery and improved blood circulation due to sport compression functions